Information-Coded Biofeedback Apps Are Coming

The Living Universe is Self-Aware with Compassionate Communication at its Heart

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Life is a two way biofeedback process. Likewise our apps embody this message using a sophisticated process called I-Field Informed interactivity. Our I-Field Assessment process creates a dynamic two way bio-communication system.

The first of our many apps soon to be launched is ADAPT Wellness. In our world wellness is not about finding out what is “wrong” as it is about supporting what is “right”. This is the goal driving the design and application of ADAPT Wellness.

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Become who You already are.

Possibility Wave is about You. Not just the you with a name and an address but the greater You, the true You. It is about the You that is also the energy that moves throughout time and space. It is about the You of emotions and feelings hard to describe and yet so real. It is about the You that not only knows the sacred but is sacred. Possibility Wave merges traditional wisdom with new cutting edge science and.. You. It is possible to have technology that “loves life”.

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I-Field Informed Interactivity

Possibility Wave apps are interactive. They have ways of assessing you and your present-moment state and experience. One of the ways Possibility Wave apps communicate with you is through a process called I-Field Assessment. The “I” in I-Field stands for “information”. Traditional wisdom and finally now, cutting edge science both recognize that a “Field of Information” exists everywhere without limit. The Possibility Wave I-Field Assessment process explores and analyzes the Information aspect of processes and interprets the findings as useful results in the Possibility Wave functions.

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All living systems depend on shared information.

Communication is at the very heart of life. Possibility Wave apps come to life as they interact with you. Whether you call it “interaction” or “dialogue” or “biofeedback”, the meaning is really the same. It is the give and take, the sending and receiving, the action and the response…the Circle of Life.

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Are You Stuck in the Middle?

The primary mission of Possibility Wave is to help you “Tap into Your Self”. The power we seek is a natural feature of who we are. Ever wondered why we experience difficulty “Tapping into our selves”? So why is it that we seem to have difficulty in “tapping into” this natural power? Why is it that we have difficulty into “tapping into Our Selves”? Well, to begin with, we are all “stuck in the middle”!

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