Generally in human nature and mainly in conventional academia you will find the following progressive dynamic:

The Science of every age (with the exception of persecuted visionaries) sees its view of REALITY as beyond question and doubt. It is, after all, simply REALITY.

Scientists (today as ever – with the exception of the visionaries – who today do not get published and in the recent past were imprisoned and executed) refuse to even consider the possibility that their view of REALITY is in fact based on a system of BELIEF much of which is not only unproven but mistaken.

The prevailing scientific view is Dogmatic Materialism and young graduates (along with their aging teachers) are most often stricken with this dangerous conceptual infection.


Little chicks (baby chickens) will follow and mimic the first moving object they encounter (usually the mother hen of course). In a well-controlled experiment, a tiny “robot” was placed in the cage with little chicks. The robot was moved by an inboard REG (Random Event Generator) device. The little chicks tried to follow the robot.

Look at the two images attached. When the robot was alone in the cage, the movements where quite random. When the chicks were in the cage the movements of the REG robot changed to pattern influenced by the I-Fields of the chicks.

Consciousness interacts with technical REG. Mystical science draws a lot of conclusions from Quantum Physics.


These are two images each is a single drop of water viewed with a microscope. In each case a sound of a particular frequency is being focused on the water drop. The shapes you see are not crystalizations…..they are the shapes taken by the water for the duration of the sound. When the sound stopped the shapes disappear. Mystical science appears in all forms and matter of life.


At the end of the 18th century, the musician/physicist Ernst Chladni put sand on a metal plate and placed his violin perpendicular on the plate. As he played certain notes, the frequency of the note caused the sand to form highly specific shapes/structures (some of which are shown in the accompanying photo). It shows how matter can be structured by sound (mechanical) frequencies.

Hans Jenny in our modern times has done more of the same using vibrating plates and sound frequencies including the human voice.

Yogis long ago determined that highly specific “seed syllables” were directly associated with the exact geometrics of the particular chakra. When applying or understanding the cosmos from a mystical science perspective one should understand that certain qualities of subatomic particles are related to each other in such a manner that finding the value of one feature obscures the other. This means some physical features, such as position and momentum, can only be ascertained statistically.

About 14 years ago a leading researcher at Stanford University was doing sensitive recordings of the vibrations emitted by molecules. Many international researchers have been doing similar work. He was able to make amplified recordings of thyroxin (a thyroid hormone). At a subsequent conference he played the recordings for the audience to hear but had to immediately stop the demonstration because many people in the audience began to experience tachycardia which is a side effect of thyroxin in sensitive persons.

All molecules (along with ALL matter) vibrate and when they do they create elastic waves in the immediate surrounding environment. Another term for elastic waves (assuming a receiving entity) is SOUND.