Emotional Insight

What is holding you back from reaching your full potential? Allow for Emotional Insight to guide and coax your inner fears.

Emotional Insight utilizes a proprietary voice analysis algorithm together with a patented I-Field Assessment Technique to reveal your emotional blockages. Delve into your Conscious, Unconscious and Subconscious Emotional Patterns with state-of-the-art biofeedback assessment techniques.

Whether you call it “Intuition”, “Your Gut”, Your Higher Self”, “The Inner Teacher” Emotional Insight never pushes you into accepting discoveries that do not come directly from you. The app sets up various states of mind that promote self-discovery.

Possibility Platform

Possibility Wave has developed a revolutionary product known as the Possibility Platform. PP is a Cloud-based staging entity for all of the PW Information Coded Biofeedback tools.

This first time tool provides a long list of benefits including access to your PW programs from any internet connection in the world, free storage of all your data and networking capacities with practitioners anywhere for sharing and problem solving. The platform is built on the most modern design principles with high-class security and privacy features.

As a practitioner you will have access to all your clinic data anywhere you are – desktop, laptop or mobile device.

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We all know that real Wellness is more than a collection of superficial actions or ideas. Real Wellness has a depth that penetrates into the many layers of our body and mind. A cornerstone of our line of Information Coded Biofeedback programs, ADAPT Wellness is a potent guide into the regions that are sometimes dark and difficult to understand. ADAPT Wellness recognizes that the best authority lies naturally within you and should always remain first and foremost in assuming personal responsibility. Using sensitive feedback processes and concentrated statistical analysis, ADAPT will offer you targeted information for your evaluation combined with gentle reinforcing stimulations to help coax your body and mind towards deeper levels of Wellness.

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