Possibility Wave does not see Reality as having an “inside” and “outside”, a “here” and “there”, a “now” and “then”. These are simply concepts we use in attempts to frame our flow of experience. We must be careful with concepts and use them as tools and not mistake them for absolutes. It is critically important to appreciate that the way Reality appears to us is entirely dependent on how we view it. Intellectual concepts are irresistible and tend to create categories that inevitably fortify the illusion of separations where they, in fact, do not exist. Once the experiences appear to be separate, we then labor over wondering how they can communicate. Communication is not an issue when experiences are not actually separate but exist in a fluid and unbroken continuum. Possibility Wave apps are especially designed to access this profound continuum. Now you can “Tap into Yourself” and experience the non-separation of self.

The current prevalent view of Reality is that Space is completely an empty vacuous void and that all matter acts as meaningless machines driven by mutation. Communication is a puzzle and consciousness but the chemical froth of brain activity. Possibility Wave disagrees with this view as do leading edge Quantum Physics and all traditional views extending back through antiquity. Possibility Wave supports the theory that Space is a unified continuum bursting with the ceaseless activities of energy and information and that matter is a momentary expression of Space itself. Commonly now referred to as the Zero Point Field, Space is a plenum of quantum particles being emitting from and reabsorbing back into a pervasive and apparently unending multi-dimensional expanse. Each time such a process occurs, a virtual particle is created that emits energy and transmits information. This process is omnipresent and indeterminate meaning that it carries infinite possibilities. In a way, one can view it all as a “perfect randomness” and that all events, even the creation of matter, are simply temporary expressions of this perfection. It would not be unreasonable to think of it as “divine”. Possibilities emerge as significant Probabilities and finally collapse down into Certainties….only to return back again into the domain of “perfect possibilities”. One could say that all Information, Energy and Matter, indeed all of Life, is a superb recycling process!

This truth embodies ALL of the Possibility Wave Apps. Explore. Discover Who You Really Are

Is there one Reality? Or many? Or is it that there is only one Reality but it manifests differently for different people according to their views and beliefs?

Any person who is honestly attempting to experience Reality will tell you that they encounter limits and resistances at certain points in their explorations. Not all the doors open. Actually there appear to be many walls with no doors at all. It can be a sobering realization that these walls are constructed by our own Beliefs and that otherwise, they do not exist. These are our Boundary Beliefs…and we all have them! The provocative issue here is that, for the most part, our Boundary Beliefs are so engrained that they take on the authority of Truth and therefore shape our unconscious view of Reality. Herein lies a major problem – our Boundary Beliefs become rigid as Dogma and our Dogma solidifies into our view of Reality.

We seek understanding and therefore ask questions awaiting the answers. It is our Boundary Beliefs that shape our questions to seek out answers that act to reinforce our construct of Reality. Is it possible that the answers appear to elude us not because of their mystery but because of the inherent Boundary Belief built into the question. It may not be that answer is absent but that the question is all wrong!

There is a wise adage: “For every truth, there is a proof however not ever proof is acceptable to every mind”. For the person wanting to “Tap into Yourself” as we say in Possibility Wave, there is the necessity to be humble enough to accept the fact that some of one’s beliefs may be Boundary Beliefs…that is to say walls blocking self-discovery that exist only because one has built them themselves.

Reality is what it is…as well as what you make of it.

Our interpretation of Reality is not static which may come as a surprise especially to those locked into a dogmatic view. The human psyche has a nearly unbearable thirst to understand the flow of experience we call Life. We are constantly categorizing and evaluating experiences to minimize the “unknown” and up the chances of surviving yet another day. Which is to say we are always adapting to the successes and failures that visit us all. All of this amounts to “The Story of Our Life” that we tell ourselves as we face each new day.

Unless a sincere attempt is made to study, contemplate and meditate upon our actual experiences, a very odd, and in some ways, understandable thing occurs. We re-write our memories to suit the reactions to current ongoing experiences. We unconsciously select and block out certain events while altering others. In some cases we even make up others to fill in the gaps. It might seem like our recollection of the past is firmly in place yet the truth is that it is constantly shifting like sand dunes in a windy desert. Like an adult visiting a childhood territory, the familiar landscape has somehow appeared to change. The best of current psychology has explored memory and adaptation at length and has repeatedly observed that we humans constantly modify our recollections in order to “paint a picture” of past experience that reinforces our present beliefs. Even more intriguing is that this “personal myth” day by day more closely resembles the general mythic themes of the culture in which the person lives. This modification of the memory is not a fault but a simple fact.